By The Numbers: Our 2023 Community Impact

By The Numbers: Our 2023 Community Impact


One SAFE Place & Children’s Legacy Center Highlight 2023 Community Impact

Over 8,400 adults and nearly 900 children/youth served with comprehensive trauma-informed social services

North State nonprofits fostered safety, empowerment, and healing to shape a more secure and supportive community


REDDING, Calif. — Today, One SAFE Place (OSP) and Children’s Legacy Center (CLC) announced remarkable strides made in 2023 towards providing quality trauma-informed social services to children and families across the North State.

Last year marked a resolute commitment towards realizing their vision of a community where every individual— a child, youth, adult, or an elder —affected by significant trauma and victimized by crime experiences a haven of safety, unwavering support, and holistic resources on their path to healing.

Their comprehensive offerings encompassed domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, forensic interviews, medical exams, shelter services, mental health screenings, behavioral health services, family advocacy, and residential treatment for youth.

With over 8,400 adults and nearly 900 children/youth served, OSP and CLC’s 2023 impact numbers also included:


●       8,482 overnight stays in shelter

●       4,343 walk-ins (crisis intake)

●       2,534 behavioral health therapy sessions for 977 clients

●       1,240 advocacy encounters

●       938 crisis hotline calls (non-business hours)

●       355 staff-assisted temporary restraining orders (TROs)

●       276 transitional housing placements

●       252 children/youth in shelter

●       221 forensic interviews and 33 forensic medical exams

●       11 foster resource families


Kimberly Johnson, CEO of CLC and interim CEO of OSP, provided more context and gratitude:

"Behind each data point lies the individual stories of cherished members of this community. They are your neighbors and colleagues; they sit beside your child at school. Those we serve span every socio-economic status and demographic.

Despite the significant challenges and barriers we face in our county, we remain laser focused and all the more inspired to continue to serve the most vulnerable individuals and families with the highest standard of care. In 2023, we proudly served 9,300 children, youth, adults and elders- a privilege that changes us for the better. We are determined to transcend the division in our county and serve our clients with respect, understanding, and empathy; helping them carve a path forward that makes our community a brighter, more hopeful place to live.

Collaborating with intentionality and dedication across sectors and systems, we strive to ensure our community thrives with the resources for health and well-being. This commitment goes beyond statistics—it is a pledge to create a sanctuary where every person finds solace, support, and the path to renewal.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional team and partners, whose talent and passion infuse every facet of our work with invaluable expertise and care. Their unwavering commitment drives the impactful stories of transformation embedded within each data point."

In 2024, OSP and CLC expect to complete their merger and rebrand, hire approximately 20 new staff to serve the community and launch new programs that provide therapeutic services to families profoundly affected by the loss of their homes or loved ones in catastrophic events. There is no greater time for these holistic and trauma-informed programs to be established in our region.

By The Numbers: Our 2023 Community Impact
January 31, 2024

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