Our Services

We provide individualized services through a collaborative approach with our local partners, fostering successful outcomes for our clients.

In Person Crisis Intervention

Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm you can walk in and speak with an Intake Specialist. During this visit you will receive a questionnaire and be paired with an appropriate advocate for your needs. Feel free to call (530) 244-0117 to set up an appointment during our business hours for shorter wait times that fit your schedule.

Crisis Hotline

The crisis hotline is a 24/7 hotline that is available to the public. A trauma informed specialist will be available to help with emergency concerns, crisis situations, and emergency housing issues due to domestic violence or sexual assault. Calls during business hours will be directed to the mainline and your call will be connected to an appropriate advocate. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency or situation, please call emergency services for your safety.


The Sexual Assault Response Team provides an advocate to individuals who have recently gone through sexual assault. By contacting One SAFE Place during business hours or through the Crisis Hotline, we will send an advocate to assist and support you during this time. Our advocates are thoroughly trained to provide calming and respectful support during police reports, examinations, and other additional support that may be needed.

Restraining Order Assistance

Our legal advocates are available to assist with restraining orders related to domestic violence or sexual assault. An Intake Specialist will guide you through the process of gathering information and completing a questionnaire to file a restraining order. After the initial information is given, an advocate will fill out the form in your words and prepare the restraining order documents. Once you have reviewed the documents, you will be given the completed paperwork to take to the courthouse and file. After the restraining order is filed, if requested, an advocate will be available to offer support as you attend the court hearing.

    Emergency Shelter Placement

    We provide emergency shelter for individuals and their families displaced directly due to domestic violence or sexual assault. Shelter access at a private location is given to those who qualify when openings are available. Schedule an appointment or call the crisis line for assistance with emergency shelter.

    Transitional Housing Services

    We believe in new beginnings, and our transitional housing team is here to help you thrive! From finding housing, understanding your budget, to the application process, we help qualifying individuals transition from emergency housing programs to independent living.

      Who We Serve

      One SAFE Place is an inclusive organization that assists individuals who have gone through or are currently experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault. From crisis intervention to ongoing support, we offer an individualized service plan to each client.

      We honor and celebrate the diversity amongst our clients and offer equitable services to all people.

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